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Eye in the Sky  

Eye In The Sky

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A military officer in command of a drone operation to capture terrorists in Kenya sees her mission escalate from “capture” to “kill” just as a nine-year old girl enters the kill zone.



Genre: Drama , Thriller , War  | Length: 102 minutes | Land/Year: 2015
Regie: Gavin Hood  |  Actors: Faisa Hassan, Aisha Takow, Armaan Haggio, Helen Mirren, Bob Chappell

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Fast moving, tense drama that makes some cogent if well-worn points about the troubling aspects of modern remote warfare. Who knows where the buck will stop after the round of political, legal and military pinball. Of course its foolish to imagine that this much deliberation, international negotiation and ethical disputation goes on before each suspicious shack is blown to smithereens by a sanctioned drone strike. The rules and procedures are already in place and the Presidents and Ministers sign off on them with less thought than they give to brunch. Still, well worth a look. 7/10
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wow, there is a movie almost the same as this movie but with diffident actors and a small difference of a story line... I can not think of the name at this time..but, it was not even a year ago....
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I found the movie interesting rather than entertaining however its will keep your attention. The film is actually more about the social and morale responsibility that goes along with modern day war technology. (SPOILER ALERT). The whole film centers around a beautiful African kid who happens to be within the kill zone of the blast. So an argument ensue over legal, politic, morale, and ethical responsibility. The Hypocrisy is the the General is shown buying a DOLL for his daughter when the movie starts but later explaining why killing the little girl who happens to be in the blast zone in justifiable. This is why America make so many enemies!!!!!!
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The interesting part in this film, is the slave-behavior of military. Even if there are some, who feel that their doing is stupid, the brainwash went too deep. Again: a film that makes no sense at all - beacause all the ideas of "safety" are pure illusion. Therefore the war from the sky is nothing as an interactive reality bodycount game for the frightened and bored elite, and a film on that is a film about nothing. Depressing.
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Yes, worth a watch. ***Partial Spoiler*** I cannot fail to see the propaganda of the plot, though. Just think about how many children and civilian collateral damage these people actually do in reality; of course, they need a movie about how they debate these issues of whteher to strike or not. I dont believe they could care less. Further, if you see the technology of humming birds and insects as drones in movies, thats because its now obolete and take a wild guess why? Does mobile with internet access ring a clue?
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