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Wow, this is the 4th time, a comment of mine from another movie, wound up in a different place. Please ignore the other comment from me. Somehow comments of mine that are recent, to a year ago or more, are ending up on newer movies. Dont know what the glitch here is. This is the 4th movie I have had to serve this correction. Maybe in this case its because its another Frankenstein, which is the 4th Frankenstein in the last 5 months or so. Anyway, other commenters liked it, even if its from a different movie lol. Fortunately the Frankenstein above really IS a great movie. I give it a 8 of ten, even though its obviously low budget. Great acting, great translated story of Mary Shellys book into modern times.
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Yes, definitely worth a watch. 6.2 in my book.
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This is the best Frankenstein I ever saw. I may be biased though. Shortly after I started watching it, I realized this was the plot from the Dean Koontz Frankenstein novels, that I had read a decade ago. Be warned, this is a failed Pilot, that was never picked up. Its obviously not a finished series, but worth the watch nonetheless. Koontz had abandoned this project, due to creative differences, and had his name taken off of it. Dont know what he didnt like, but it seems true to the books from what I saw.I saw in other references that this Koontz version has been picked up, but this is a 2012 reference. The Odd Thomas movie from his Odd Thomas series, did not translate well, as the humor was sophomoric. Not wry and sophisticated as his is. The quality of that movie, was not realized as a result. It may be that his humor doessnt translate well. If humor is his issue, I hope he bows to the producers. The fans of his books, would really like to see these books realized. This movie here was good without the humor. We want more.
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Thank you for this review, I wasnt sure wether I should watch it or not but after I read your comment I was very curious. Needless to say this was a very good movie from my perspectiv , will definitely recommend further.
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