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Johan, convicted for the murder of his father and sister, has been locked up in a TBS clinic (a hospital for criminals with a psychical disorder) for years. When he hears he will be transfered to a Long Stay ward - where nobody has ever been released from - he hopes his mother, who he hasn't spoken for years, will come to his hearing so she can tell the judge he didn't murder his sister, that his father abused him and was about to abuse his sister and that Johan therefore killed his father. However, his mother doesn't turn up. Realizing he's out of options, he escapes, determined to find his mother, so she can write a statement saying what really happened. Together they drive through the Netherlands and Belgium to find his mother...

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Genre: Crime , Thriller  | Length: 88 minutes | Land/Year: 2008
Regie: Paul Jan Nelissen, Pieter Kuijpers  |  Actors: Theo Maassen, Lisa Smit, Bob Schwarze, Ria Marks, Karst Woudstra, Flip Filz, Romana Vrede, Martijn de Rijk, Menno Van Beekum, Roos Ouwehand, Kevin Llewellyn, Bing Wiersma, Peter van Bokhorst, Yale Sackman, Pim Lambeau, Mike Meijer, Sacha Bulthuis, Jobst S